Why Us?

CPM has an extensive repository of proprietary Assets and Tools built by our dedicated EPM Asset Development practice to leverage lessons learned and to accelerate delivery by 30-50%.


CPM has a prototype based methodology which is very distinctive from others. We ensure project success by capturing changes and user expectations at a very early stage of the assignment. This is followed up by building and demonstrating prototypes of the final solution thereby eliminating the risk of expectations mismatch too late during the implementation.

CPM has a large number of senior EPM architects who have acquired all these diverse skills over many years, who we train constantly on the latest EPM developments and are able to provide best in class integrated EPM solutions to the customers.




EPM being the performance management layer utilizing data from various functional areas, our system architects need to have skills across the transaction management systems. At the same time they need to know EPM domain to understand and deliver user requirements, EPM technology to be able to configure the EPM systems and have technical skills to build the logic and integrations between multiple systems. This is a ‘rare breed’ of consultants who are critical for the success of any EPM project.

We have more than a decade of experience across various industries and geographies.




Reduce your risk and costs by mailing us at contact@cpm-consultant.com.




What our customers are saying about us:          

“We are extremely delighted at the level of resourcefulness, commitment, professionalism, and knowledge shown by CPM team for our SAP SSM project implementation. It is no doubt that we found excellent reference with all customers whom we spoke to, they are indeed a global expert in SAP SSM solution.” – Achmad Tholchah, PT Semen Gresik (Persero) Tbk., Indonsia

“Our implementation partner was a key factor in the selection of our EPM platform…CPM Consulting worked with us to streamline our financial consolidation and budgeting process. Rapid implementation methodology, templates and extensive experience helped us to complete our project successfully and in a short time frame.”  –  Rajesh Chopra, SVP, Corporate Affairs, OLAM International Limited, Singapore

“The CPM Team has worked closely with our Business users to ensure that the Budget system (SAP BPC) fully meets our requirements. They have been responsive to changes and understand our requirements. We are extremely happy at their team work, excellent technical/ financial knowledge levels and its application for the successful completion of our SAP BPC project completely integrated to NW BI and ECC.” – Yio Mui Sung, CFO, MEDIACORP, Singapore

“The team has been able to solution a complex Budgeting System design with a new product in a reasonably short duration.  The commitment towards delivering a positive outcome was always put ahead of all other issues. The design team spared no effort to ensure that the solution met all requirements. They were very clear of the critical success factors and took no short cuts to assure us that things are well mitigated.” – LTC Yu Ain Joo, MINDEF, Singapore