Business Planning, Budgeting & Financial Reporting

Every organization is in its pursuit for streamlining its strategic processes for competitive advantage. The plans can comprise of long-term strategic plan and short-term operational plan. 

We at CPM help organizations to map their business planning process to integrate with tools and technologies that supports top-down and bottom-up budgeting process, planning, forecasting and reporting activities. This brings more efficiency to business thereby enabling better analysis and decision making. 

Any improvement in performance can eventually be traced to an improvement in the performance of a business process, so this aspect of managing performance ensures that targets for improvement in the performance of processes are achieved. The question to be asked – Do we have the ability to change the targets and move faster? Do we have the ability to compare old plans with revised plans, with actual performance, with our effective expectation in the market? 

We at CPM are helping leading organizations achieve business excellence and build capabilities around strategy execution there by helping them to achieve their vision. 

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