Migration Services: SAP EPM BPC

Helping you decide: migrate or not?

In CPM Consulting we can help you discover the new platform for your Business Planning and Consolidation (SAP BPC) on your Enterprise Performance Management  (SAP EPM). In order to achieve this, we combine a DEMO of the EPM 10 platform with a Migration Assessment.

If you are considering migrating to the latest EPM BPC 10 we can arrange a 1 to 1 obligation free:

1. DEMO of the new BPC 10 where you will be able to see the new features, better performance, its superior stability and the user friendly interface in terms of intuitiveness, look and feel. 

2. Migration Assessment to understand your current processes, define your new business objectives, system landscapes, processes and issues involved in order to recommend the best migration options for you from your current platform to the EPM10.

On top of this, we can share with you:

  • Customer Success stories: Learn how customers benefited with the new EPM10.


What is the latest SAP BPC version?

The latest SAP® Business Planning and Consolidation application is the BPC10.  This version accelerates planning and consolidated financial reporting processes and it supports planning, budgeting, and forecasting capabilities with management and legal consolidation functionality in a single application. You can quickly adjust plans and forecasts, shorten budget cycle time, close the books more quickly, help ensure compliance with regulatory and financial standards, and get the information you need to make more confident decisions.


Free Licenses upgrade?

SAP offers free license upgrade to the latest EPM 10 for customers with specific SAP licenses and  Maintenance Contract. Check with us for more details!


Top 8 reasons why you should migrate to BPC10

1. Streamlined, Unified, and Harmonized User Experience

Improved look and feel pulls functionality into one central browser user interface offering users more intuitive, streamlined control.Besides, this new platform enables tight integration and interoperability between all SAP EPM tools creating a harmonious EPM environment for the users.

2. Enhanced Manageability

Reduces cost of ownership by improving integration with SAP NW and ERP.

3. Improved Reporting

Enables users to create seamless links to other reporting applications improving the function of drill down to detailed information outside BPC environment and also improved Drag and Drop functionality.

4. Improved System Performance, Integrity and Maintenance

In-memory database to make applications that provides quantum leap for performance.

Eliminates the .NET server on NetWeaver platform makes the maintenance of the application much easier.

5. Simplified Disclosure Compliance

Enhanced disclosure management function

Optimizes the close from source to digital disclosure, and create XBRL-based statements.

6. Enhanced Journal Management

Journals are now entered via a new, intuitive, web-based frontend with an improved query manager that allows users to better investigate entries.

7. Simplified Hierarchy Maintenance

Allows simple drag and drop hierarchy builds.

8. Specific Packaged Solutions

Version 10 now comes with enhanced starter kits such as IFRS and specific industry such as banks.