Strategy Management

CPM Consulting has been providing efficient Strategy Management Solutions for leading enterprises for more than a decade. We are the market leader for SAP BusinessObjects Strategy Management in Asia.

Being a core partner for SAP BusinessObjects Strategy management, we work with customers from across the board, top management and key business units to build a forward looking, open and strategy focused entity.

Our key experience is in:

  • Clarifying and translating the vision and strategy into objectives.
  • Communicating and linking the strategic objectives and initiatives to rewards and performance.
  • Planning and target setting with strategic alignment.
  • Building a strategic feedback for continuous change and alignment.
  • Implementing a core process and tools to make it functional as a continued process.
  • Balanced Score Card, Value Based Management, Activity based management are some of our key focus within this practice.


60 Day Delivery model of CPM consulting for SSM is a very attractive value proposition to organizations.

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