Disclosure Management

Automated Financial Statements Generation

Accelerating the ‘Last Mile of Finance'

It is the organization’s narrative that communicates the real insight into what the numbers in conjunction with the financial statements mean to the business, to its stakeholders and to the external world.

Capturing such narratives and texts which come from disparate sources manually is extremely time consuming and error prone. Disclosure Management solution integrates qualitative and quantitative information coming from the different systems maintaining traceability, integrity and auditability. As part of the enterprise performance management (EPM) offerings, our collaborative disclosure management capabilities help organizations to optimize the end-to-end accounting and financial close process from source to digital disclosure.

Our Solution

The Disclosure Management solution provides unique workflow, traceability/auditability and collaboration capabilities with Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. One can connect the narrative to financial numbers across different reports, including financial statements, management reports, earnings presentations and more. We help organizations in accelerating the generation of financial and non-financial statements by reducing the effort of compiling non-financial qualitative information and integrating the data from multiple sources for comprehensive and trusted views of the organization. In recent times, we have implemented robust disclosure management solutions to publish annual budget books for public sector agencies addressing highly complicated requirements.

Key Benefits

  • Automate processes to accelerate the “last mile of finance.”
  • Integrate source data and provide one source of truth for regulatory reporting and disclosures.
  • Facilitate communication, workflows, and approvals across organisational hierarchies, geographies, and business units.
  • Publish auditable financial and regulatory statements in multiple formats, including XBRL.
  • Ensure compliance with IFRS, multiple GAAPs, and other industry-specific regulations.
Disclosure Management Architecture

Disclosure Management Architecture

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