Financial Modeling & Cost Allocation

Self-serviced Dynamic Allocation Platform

Frequent changes in management reporting, business restructuring and multi-level allocations may require extensive data processing across multiple systems. Most Budgeting Planning and Consolidation solutions are not flexible enough to perform such activities.

The Solution

CPM’s SMART allocation platform caters to complex allocation requirements of various businesses by providing a flexible yet robust platform with powerful features likes what-if analysis, version specific rules for simulations, any level-any level splitting and allocation of data with inherent traceability by a simple, intuitive and friendly interface.

Key Benefits

  • User driven rules : Maintain new Allocation Rules or Assumptions without changing underlying code.
  • Multi-Level Rules definition, with priority of execution.
  • Ability to rollout to different Businesses without rework.
  • Maintain Version specific rules to support simulations.
  • Clear Audit trail to track source of information.

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