Strategic Enterprise Management (SAP SEM) helps your organization to structure its strategy, communicate its goals throughout the entire organization. It also helps to gather information from external and internal sources, consolidate actuals, and help to monitor the performance of strategic key success factors, and also communicate your strategy to the key stakeholders.

CPM’s Strategic enterprise management team understands that this is one of your key initiatives for external stakeholder reporting and internal management framework. We work with your corporate finance team and Headquarters to define the key elements in transforming your organization into a transparent entity with excellent corporate governance.

The product provides integrated software with comprehensive functionality that allows a company to significantly streamline the entire strategic management process. It is possible to have one centralized SAP SEM System or several SAP SEM Systems linked together. For example it can be used at different levels from the headquarters of the organization, at business unit level, regional organizational units, for product lines or other organizational units with their own strategic planning processes.

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